I specialise in providing web analytics, facial emotions and pedestrian analysis. My flexible outsourced services are perfect for companies and agencies who require consultancy and project development on a regular or ad-hoc basis, but do not want to commit to the overhead of an additional analyst in-house.

My solutions are based on the advanced usage of tools such as MS Excel and Access, SPSS, Matlab and C++. I can provide services in the following areas:

Web Analytics

  • Analysis of on-line data and market trends.
  • Segmentation and Targeting Analytics.
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling.
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimization.

Facial Emotion Analysis

  • 3D Face and Facial Tracking.
  • Eyelid and Iris Tracking.
  • Active appearance modelling.
  • Facial Expression Recognition.
  • Cognitive Facial Emotions.
  • Stress Recognition.

Human Pose Estimation

  • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking.
  • Head Pose Estimation.
  • Body Pose Estimation.
  • Trajectory Analysis.